If there’s one thing I could whisper to you

If there’s one word that I could paint across the canvas of your soul,

It is this: loved

You are loved far more than you can comprehend

I know, I know it doesn’t feel like it, and these days of insignificance never seem to end

But there is a love greater than all you could work up

It’s supporting you know, holding you as valued and enough

Despite the flaws that wreck every scene

Despite the doubts that delay every dream

The stars of the night sky were hung with you in mind

And just like them in the darkest moments you most brilliantly shine

So live in the promise that seems to good to be true

Believe that broken made whole is possible and worn can be made new

Purpose and passion fill every fiber of your being

And the hope that inhales with your every exhale is keeping your heart beating

It’s easy to get nostalgic and wrapped up in the scent and feel of memories from the past

But it’s time to move on explore fresh textures and create new joys to last

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