Greater is He.

Greater is He than this divided heart.

Outwardly whole but inside ripping apart.

Shredded by the corruption that fights to keep control.

And I can barely stay ahead of it, once that backwards glance I stole.

Change has been occurring at a faster rate.

Holding on for dear life because I’m in an unsettled wild state.

But there is so much beauty residing in the concept of new.

Our hearts were meant to latch on to it’s hope true.

While balancing the old, the gifts that have been present.

Watching with joy as life unfolds, in directions crazy we are sent.

So I keep this ever present reminder before me.

In Him is all fullness and redemption and completion.

In Him alone is there satisfaction and strong grace and direction.

And He is ever sanctifying and shaping me, this truth the victory that sets me free.

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