From Our Perspective

We paint sketches of ourselves, our own colors, the picture of innocence.

But with others, we frame the flaws quickly with magnificence.

We write ourselves as the heroes of our own story lines.

We overlook the incompetencies of our nature’s design.

We paint over the war zone with masking velvet soft rose pink shades.

Ignore the black and white headlines of the tensions grave that around us rage.

We have to make a break from, cut off this deception’s power.

Starting with our very hearts every minute of every hour.

No longer can the truth be praised and regarded in silence.

While the atmosphere clouds with stormy violence.

If we are not holding to the bold words we say we believe,

Why do we expect our fears, this tension to be relieved?

So the clock is rushing forward at a steadily unrelenting pace.

Will we come out of hiding and the uncomfortable face?

Perspective is a funny thing to truly understand.

It shifts so much and changes things if we only give it a chance.

It causes us to view the world in all its possibilities.

And to learn how to live in genuine and beautiful honesty.

To stop letting inconsistencies characterize us inside and out.

To realize that a grace for every side of the story exists.

That our hearts are just as full of imperfect twists.

A grace and truth greater than what we can see is what it’s all about.

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