So many days lately I feel like I’m just trying to make it by. We all talk about making it through the day and THEN everything will be magically better. It’s a common perspective of the culture, especially while in college. But these ordinary, crazy, stressful days where we try to cram in five minutes to breathe sandwiched between preparing for two tests, six projects, and quizzes. Let alone trying to actually learn, maintain friendships, stay on top of extra activities, and find moments for adventures. But there is something spectacular about the everyday. Recently, I read a quote talking about how this person got so excited when waking up everyday because they had the view that THAT particular day could be the best one of their life. I want to live with that attitude. I don’t want to be so wrapped up in keeping afloat, while romanticizing the past and dreaming of golden future opportunities, that I miss out on the most beautiful and precious gems of moments that are happening now. Time is special, and once gone, we can’t recapture it. The people around us are here for a reason, you were purposefully placed into this community, dream, and chapter. Whatever the season you are, it is important to make the most out of it. All the restlessness and answers, the fulfillment you are looking for may be right in front of your eyes, surrounding you.

{Sometimes you need to stop searching or chasing after arrow signs. Ever elusive they propel you forward but sometimes cross the line. The beauty is right here at your feet. It is where the hard moments and magic meet. It requires digging, under mountains of pressure and the suffocating quicksand of dirt. You have to be willing to get messy, believe it’s worth the risk, worth the temporary hurt. Under ghosts pale and stars veiled all is hidden safe. But hope is still there and home though frail can never be taken away. The thread of gold is glittering through the storm outpour and sunshine brave. It still holds strong and is wrapped around all, never to fray.

The relationships you so desperately craved, maybe you need to be looking for them in new and different ways. Shift your vantage point on the stories right in front of you. Shuffle around the newsprint pages until different combinations of words jump out new.

This heart gets so wrapped around the smallest of concepts. More forgetfully hopeful than the flower that this will add up to a bigger picture. One splashed across the white canvas with joyous abandon. One that doesn’t hold my every waking and sleeping move in a battle, up for ransom.

Sometimes it feels like a never ending downward pull. It smashes into fragments all that once felt whole. But if I spend my life picking up the pieces and shards, turning them into a mosaic work of art, finding them buried in the routines of the everyday, pushed out of reach until that one future day. It will be a good way, small, details, quiet, kind, to live a simple and wonderful life built on love that still remains.}

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