We love and live and laugh and sing and dance, we hurt and cry and punch and slip and struggle and breakdown and shutdown. We are a collection of contradictions and impossibilities and dreams, pushing through the grand, ever twisting structure of life. Life is more than the grades or subjects taught in school, the job you do everyday, or the status system. Life is short, cities, empires, bodies gone like castles on the sand touched by ocean waves. This is why it is important every single day to tell everyone how special and significant they are, to remind them that they are somebody. We all need love. To hold on with us in darkness and draw us towards light. The roller coaster we’re strapped into without choice keeps our hearts constantly unbalanced, dreaming about the destination. There are so many things to fight for in this life. But the truth is the ultimate. Following the leader only gets you so far, especially if it turns out to be the wrong one. Good is always worth the battle, every single second you are breathing. Use those seconds wisely and carefully. In the grand picture you are only given a handful of those precious seconds. Make them count. Show others that they matter and there is a kind of life, a greater hope worth dying for. The world outside your door is real and desperate, caught up in the success game, the pursuit of a manufactured hope and content. Don’t live for the sidelines, live for the game. Every member contributes in a unique and imperfectly perfect way. Let your hearts bear others burdens, then pick them up and keep right on going. Always prepare and be in the process of arriving. But don’t use preparation as a reason to hold back because time is so critical. Right here and in this moment. Get out there, break out, push out of the stiff cardboard box, stop redecorating it and making it more comfortable. Throw it out and let love be bold. Let your the passions of your heart be genuine, the beat like a drum, a war call, igniting the spark wherever you go. We all turn out so much better when we each do this in harmony, together.

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