Post Graduation Thoughts

One year ago. Crazy how time flies.

Here’s some really sentimental thoughts I had the night after graduating:

To the class of 2014,

Live colorfully, embrace the mess, the beauty in brokenness, the grace in transparency. Be the light that dares to glimmer in the black midnight. A star still hiding in a veiled, seemingly starless sky. Be that one whisper that braves the surging wave and the rejection, the one that cuts above other voices to show the way. Be satisfied with the simple and normal, because every little moments is full of a thousand random connections of complexity and wonder.

Let your heartbeats unite to fight the war for good daily, in the choices you make, regardless of the daily newspaper headlines, and the tears streaming down but still peeling yourself off of the floor moments. Let love be what you fight for. And remember the source of all that love. Write the stories tracing them back to the origins, let your hearts bleed for the broken and ruin surrounding humanity like a hazy fog. Let every snapshot be precious and worth it, because, like change in the wishing well, best laid plans and dreams and seconds all sink to the bottom.

This isn’t the ending, but a beginning and continuation of the work of art inside.

Let light shine through and love spill out the cracks. Let hope be the goal at the end of this long road trip. Exploding fireworks and bursts of light can ignite the change beautifully, but the real work comes in the long term, those who stick around to keep the blaze burning and escalating, who have their backpacks shouldered and mountains in view, pressing forward everyday, in the grey nose-to-the-grind going to work.

Even though the test scores and papers and money and tasks and responsibilities fight to consume your attention, they aren’t the focus. Life is so much more than these things and it’s important to keep a perspective that views the relationships as the biggest part of the picture. Love God, love people, and all the rest falls into place.

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