Say Something

Say Something

Because the sparkling and stinging cuts-too-deep ruby blood in my soul drawn from the gift of this week is indescribable and the greatness of my Savior and God  is unsearchable.

I can’t just sit there as unmoved as the stiff, solid wood bench beneath me, letting the details slip out through the cracks, as old fires die in ashes and are consumed by new rising flames and  even brighter embers that glow.

Silence, to a voice almost shot from singing out with every ounce of oxygen inhaled into these trembling lungs, to a throat honey-coated to help ease the rough edge and refined in grace as my song playing falls more in tune, is not an option.

Sparks crackling under a curtain of starry mystery, velvet black pierced with a brilliant smooth light. Every detail and twist of this week, this life, played out for a greater glory.

Imperfect brokenness leading ever onward and upward to a better ending, while everything I thought I knew has crumbled to dust or been rebuilt upon the solid truth so gloriously.

This racing-thoughts, words spilling out and taken over self is left speechless, composure stolen, to be shaped into something better.

A glittering gold thread woven through every second of each 24-hour yet forever long day

This canvas packed with colorful experiences turned into a beautiful display

I have to speak up, a constant pull, an essential need

Can’t just sit back and waste another opportunity

Living on borrowed time and treating that responsibility well means no take backs or regrets

How is it possible to feel so very simple and genuine yet so extremely complex

Strong, yet weak, cracked, yet whole, unsure, yet BRAVE

Just tune out the inner negative commentary that continually plays

End the war that rages and worry about the message’s clarity some other day

Because ultimately it is not your art that is put out there on display

Let peace slip over your mind like the wrapped-in-a-warm-blanket kind of relief

Because the One who breathed life into your lungs, hung the stars, and wrote the words will give you what you need

The tidal wave of emotions has pulled and carried you along

But only to discover the shore where you belong

What are you giving God the glory for?

A million little ways and things words fail me to describe to full completion

Anything and everything that has contributed to His impacting of my heart for the kingdom

As I proclaim Him and give it all to His great name

Stories of His faithfulness that run so deep they’re in my veins

And I know within this is the amazing purpose I live for

Connected in a circle with love wrapped around all present

Filling in the spaces as we glimpse something transcendent

A deeper longing and wonder

Echoes of heaven thunder

The deep bass and driving rhythm taking over

Empty souls that long to be filled until they’re spilling over

So in being poured out, the broken can love the broken better

To be displays of His perfect patience in grace in all weather

To learn to seek hope and rescue together

Pursuing Christ and Paradise until finally in heaven forever

Not the storyline I would have chosen

But treasures of the dark somehow turn out golden

For girl with all the words tumbling around in her head

A love of all beautiful collaborations and imagery

That got stripped to simple yet profound intricacy

She’s living in real color the untouchable depth

Of greatness and grace

Ready to let them make their escape

Weary soul, home isn’t defined or made of boundaries of location

But in snapshots of indestructible and unsurpassable hope of forever spent in celebration

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