When I Grow Up

Why I want to be a Social Worker

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This question is familiar. Asked repeatedly over the course of my exploration years, by people who care. The possibilities it stirs up are endless, like a springboard into an ocean of choices, sheer joy and terror combined. You can swim high, but you can also be pulled down, or, the third option, you can float aimlessly, stuck in the middle of the waves, with confusion clouding the direction in the sky map and in your heart. My answers to this one simple question were complicated, varied, and creative over the years. Parts fun and playful, parts serious in nature, parts stirring up soul passions and creativity and dreams that burned so bright I didn’t know what to do. {Look at my previous post for examples of careers and dreams I had}. After many amazing choices, there’s still a lot of huge dreams locked inside of me, a lot of hopes to pursue, a lot of different roles I want to take on over the years. But college has narrowed down my vision, channeling aspects of my love for kids, people, helping, and changing the world into one journey that will branch out in a thousand ways: social work. This is why I landed on this trajectory.

I want everyone to know that their story matters. To know the words and chapters being written and lived out are significant.

I want every heart to have hope. There is light that shines in the darkest midnight.

I want every soul to be loved, to know it is valued. Image Bearers with worth, this description giving them dignity and defining them, not their actions or past.

I want community all around to be rich and full. May others know they are most certainly not alone, there is connection and burden-sharing to ease the weight and ache.

I want to see children free to play in joyful abandon, smiling in excitement. Eyes like fireworks, sparked by the endless possibilities at every turn, a way of looking at life that is priceless.

I want to see brokenness made whole and play any part I can in resolving the hurt. Hurt is a weight not meant to be shouldered alone, and there is love and light spilling through the cracks and pulling it all back together.

I want to impact as many people as possible, to see changes in the everyday. To be involved in working to make life better in so many ways.

 I want to experience the joy of walking through the valleys and mountains of life. To be able to smile at the end of the day and know that with all the pain in this world, there is still a reason to celebrate life.

I want to be all about the people, wherever I am at, whatever situation is going on. Time and time again in life, I have come to the end of the day discovering this conclusion, that pouring yourself into people and investing in them, cultivating relationship, and loving on others is what is worthwhile and lasting.

That stories may be full of meaning and that souls will be filled with hope. That though time on this planet is fleeting, hearts will be loved, known, and find a home.

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