Welcome Home.

Tonight I sang my soul and lungs out. Literally empty of voice, raspy, but filled so full.

Community is beautiful and priceless.

Walking together through the dark places and violent periods.

Written reminders that hope is real and true and serious.

Words can’t express the joy and celebration.

One day it will be like this forever a culmination.

Of these nights that make your soul alive and keep your heart beating to the rhythm of the bass.

Ones where we dance and cry and in abandon the chase for meaning.

Weighed heavy and marked by the dirt we’ve run into.

But knowing that there is detail behind what we’re going through.

And broken people pour out songs to the sky.

Phrases that come out into a whole new way of praise to the One who actually makes whole.

In a different way than ever before this night.

A perspective on the power of music to mend the soul.

Wild at heart we lost ourselves in the melody.

Let joy eclipse all else and live free.

For those who don’t have a hope filled, reason to view life this way.

I pray tonight was an injection of that contagious light that shines always.

Thank you, for the words that reach straight through the haze.

For the promise that going through these emotions are okay, and light will come eventually.

Until then, we unite and sing hope into tomorrow.

Welcome home, to the best of shows, and a moment we’ll hold together forever.

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