Messy, Mixed-Up Monday Madness and Magic.

Welcome to Mondays.

Bad news and good news collide together impossibly. Your heart finds joy and yet takes blows not softly. How can one single day holds so much happiness and beauty, yet so much sadness and harshness. So many life-giving moments colliding with the draining reminders of this temporary, expiring existence. There is so much potential, brimming over from Sundays and weekend glorious bliss. After a day where your soul is filled up and woken up to purpose again. Yet it is so easy to forget the gospel truth and beauty of the past days.

Sunrise arrives, and with it blue skies and high hopes. But also tired eyes and head struggling to stay clear in the press. A little bit sure of the rhythm, a little unprepared and unsteady about the projects, tests, and responsibilities of this week. Music playing in the background to remind this soul of what’s truly important heading into this week. Chai and calm starts. Yet, blurred vision and focus from putting contacts in the wrong eyes (sad, but true, now an amusing fact), a test in the first hour of classes, and a never ending list of good things to be done.

A list of the fantastic, not so great, and unexciting moments of the day begins to pile up over the hours.

Friends who make walks to and from classes filled with smiles and deep talks and understanding.

The gift of community, apparent in the way we share our burdens, especially the hard ones, where we really need to lean on Jesus.

Letting the truth of the words sung in OneVoice rehearsal deeply sink in, that He makes us brave, that He is my joy, that He is my everything and my source.

Brownies for the hall, and gratitude for the fantastic experience of being in this dorm so far.

Running into friends in the cafeteria and even in the quick conversations being so encouraged.

Hall-mates and good friends who listen, love, and care at the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Hugs, because life is a precious and fragile gift, and getting to share it together and walk through the journey of faith side by side is one of the greatest privileges.

Trying new exercise classes and having a good time while feeling great after.

Doing better than expected on one test and not as well as hoped on another.

Talks about what’s most important in life and reminders that balance is necessary, that school is important, but grades aren’t everything.

A victory, through prayers of asking the Holy Spirit to give me strength to live out the fruits of the Spirit, through realizing that struggles will never be overcome through my own efforts. A breakthrough in being healthier.

So many stories and hearts intersecting. I am so grateful that through these mountains and valleys of life in this particular season, God is the One directing our steps. There is so much hope behind those words.

As I reflected on the responsibilities and the pressure to do it all or collapse, and the desire to let gratitude be stronger in my life, I wrote these words Sunday night. “I want to have a deep faith that is brave, up for the challenges. Jesus, make my soul not fearless, but faith-full.”

So welcome Monday, with all its twists and turns, the way it wrecks and rebuilds our souls in one short day. During the passing of the sun from one end of sky to the other, may I have let grace teach my soul, may I have grown closer to Jesus, may I have viewed the magic in the mess. Whatever we’re going through, may we invite Monday to change us, and may we see the hope in the opportunities it gives.

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