Spilled coffee on national coffee day. If this was a movie plot, I should’ve seen it coming. The perfect buildup. A rainy day, little loads of work pushed aside, a full schedule, a different structure than the usual routine, and a heart that easily feels the press of the small things.

That last part, that’s the one that does me in. Every single time. Giving to much ground to the less important details. The only way I know how to change it: ground myself further in Christ and the truth of the Gospel. Whatever happens each day, I can face it and know that God specifically wrote my story and that chapter to play out that way. It’s easy to say that, hard to live it out, and in the end so worth the effort.

That day, I was in a rush, and the rain was coming down light but steady. While putting away my umbrella, my cup came slipping out of my hand, and half the coffee and whipped cream came out. A bummer, but it could’ve been worse. And then throughout the whole class, the mess continued to grow, with more syrup appearing around the bottom of the cup. I basically put my head down in defeat, confused to why it was so bad. Then I realized, I had split the cup open. Without even realizing it, I had been making the mess worse. Sometimes, the insignificant things like that set you off. For girl who likes to appear put together and also loves her coffee, this was not an ideal moment.

But it was a simple reminder: what am I relying on? My own plans and strengths or the One who knows how to best shape my soul and days? Honestly, it so much of a relief knowing that it’s not up to my ability. Hopefully, with each passing day, I learn to live this out more and more.

This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. Though glistening puddles soak wet all that remains dry. Though the messy, changing whirlwind of life now sometimes makes me want to cry. When all significance seems lost in the gray clouds hanging low. When there are sparkling beautiful moments and periods so unlovely, and you can’t seem to see why you have to still grow. This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

And so, this little mini drama ended with more coffee, which I got to share with a friend who was also having a bad day. Though I often make mistakes, fall apart too much, and let the little cracks get to me, I am learning, I am growing, my perspective is being constantly changed for the better. So for this split (and the laughter I now have looking back on this incident), I am thankful.

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