2 AM College Reminders.

Notes to self:

1. Netflix will be there after college, this community and closeness of space with friends will not.

2. You cannot solve all the world’s problems, stop expecting so much of yourself.

3. Trusts the gifts and creativity you possess will carry you to where you’re supposed to go.

4. People win over projects. Every single time.

5. Take advantage of opportunities. Study hard, but enjoy life as well. Those random afternoon adventures and opportunities to work with kids or travel across the globe likely won’t come again.

6. Grades aren’t everything and competition is worthless. Don’t try so hard to keep up or be discouraged at your levels of skill.

7. Sleep is important. Health is important. Set habits now that will carry over.

8. From here on out, life stays busy and routine. The freedom of the high school days are over, but now you get to pursue those dreams in a greater way.

9. There’s no way to do everything you possibly want to pursue. Choose to do some things well. Look at where your investment will impact others in love most.

10. Know your limits. Learn to be comfortable in your skin and taking time for space. But test them and challenge yourself to go outside of the box.

11. Five years from now no one will care about what happened on social media or in the newsfeed or Yahoo homepage. They will care about how you loved and invested in them. And the special random dorm conversations are magical. This is what you’ll look back on as well.

12. Make the hard decisions to be healthier and improve on the bad days. It’ll make the good ones that much better.

13. Margin time. You cannot schedule every minute of the day. White space is important.

14. Work well. Push faster. Be disciplined. Live intentionally and not out of habit.

15. Give everything your best. You can’t control the outcomes, and you can’t succeed it at it all. But you can feel satisfied in doing the best you could at that moment.

16. Keep close to your roots. Find ways to stay connected to the people that make up your home base.

17. Write notes. Handwritten mail is a rare and precious gem these days. Remember how much you love getting mail, and take that joy and pass it on.

18. Continue to pursue the things that make you feel alive and most like yourself. Create at all times, no matter what. Make time for it, it is a priority and you will be grateful you did.

19. Discovering who you are is a process. At times it will be super confusing, and you won’t know what to think of your personality, or what you love to do. You will be shaped and changed in each season.

20. Show up. Be present at events. Bring your heart and mind fully to every conversation, meeting, project, class, etc. You have no idea how valuable your presence can be to a friend at events, whether they are in the crowd or actively involved in the project. Show up and be there for people. It’s messy at times but so worth it.

EXTRA: write on your soul the quote in the post’s picture. The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. It can carry you many places. The desire to reach hearts is wise. It’s so much more fulfilling to spend time investing in relationships, the people and the stories that will always be there.

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