Autumn Symphony

Crisp breeze got me in a happy daze
Watching this picture perfect sunset fade
A breath of fresh air in my lungs
All thoughts of the future that come
The terrifying hopes and fears
In the melody start to disappear

Captivated by how every detail is covered
Just like how one note naturally follows another 
Feeling like a five year old kid again
Kicking up leaves jumping in abandon
Going to love and live more carefree
Soak it in as it plays out in front of me
Savor the unending possibilities
Brought to life by this autumn symphony

Rise and fall to the rhythm
Of this weather feel the reason
There is so much magic in living
Death is painted so vibrant and beautifully in this season
In a blaze of glory and messy change
Old worries crumble to new dreams give way

October with a whirlwind blows over
With every leaf that turns hope comes closer
Then with unexpected great adventures
Arrives the wonder of November

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