You Are Beautiful

Found this gem written on the inside of some dress pants while shopping a while ago. I was struggling to find things that worked well and frustrated. Wow, did this little statement make me stop my circles of mirror criticism and think.

// Three little words so simple yet profound.

Hitting where it hurts yet where you hope most to be found.

An unexpected revelation in the midst of a stressful day.

A gentle and strong reminder to be kind to yourself always.

The mirror reflection distorted by projections and a red eyed view.

The push for perfection takes away from the truth.

What you see outside seems to be a picture of your emotions.

But the inside is worth more than this war and storm of explosions.

Weary of letting perceptions damage so much.

Weary of feeling as if your self isn’t enough.

The heart and soul hold gems rare.

A design beautiful beyond compare.

Will you believe it, will you begin to dare?

Every last breath screams out this is not fair.

This game of numbers you have played for so long.

It is destructive and you’re tired of fighting the cycle, it’s all wrong.

What you see does not define you and the art everything about you is.

Because there is so much more beyond this image that is true and you are the work of an Artist.

So let yourself breathe and slowly regain a comfortable feeling in your own skin.

You, a collision of words and songs, flowers, laughter, joy like fireworks and so much more.

You are one of a kind, unique, and special to the core.

Let your mind and heart stop pushing for the unattainable, which leads to the midnight tears.

Stop trying to fit outward and inward expectations and let them be a shadow of fear.

Instead embrace all that’s contained in the package of you, the broken made whole.

A grace that is shaping every highlight and flaw into a masterpiece that unfolds.

Let this sink in soul deep past criticisms and comments permanent sharpie black, and from there begin.

Say it over and over again, until it grows on you and becomes meaningful.

Until you come to realize that precisely as you are, you are beautiful. //

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