Joy in a Season of Longing

It’s Christmas Eve magical by design
Deepest hopes come back alive
Broken dreams pulled together in redemption’s surprise
We all wait eyes wide reflecting the starry skies
Edge of the couch in anticipation of what comes next
The wonder hangs so heavy and yet light with every breath

Through overcast and uncertain gray fog skies
Hope grows ever brighter and more alive
Everything pounding within
Uncontainable in this skin
For our terminal fragile selves
Have realized there is something greater, something else
As the forever comes down and enters our messy state
Right where we are dwells and makes beautiful change
Bringing redemption to the walls of our soul
Until joy explodes in choruses and fireworks full
So that we who were without all belonging
Night know there truly is home and a new day is dawning

Last minutes of rushing to make all magically perfect
Hearts captivated by the beauty, learning being present is more worth it
The emptiness so deep and unbearable
Softened by a coming fullness profound and incomparable
Loneliness and long nights yet surrounded by a whirlwind of festivity
Exhilaration tinged with sadness understood most in this season of longing to be free
All forgotten dreams and crushed parts of your spirit
Can be made new already if you choose truth and come near it

It’s the night where doubt is overwhelmed by faith bright
Where darkness is overwhelmed by the coming light
Where all is set back to good and right
We are encouraged to join in the anthem and fight
To believe against hope and despair that exists
To hold on to this splendor and treasure it

Big eyes, bright lights, soft places
Loud cheer, quiet songs, reflective spaces
Anticipation as wonder we inhale
And wait until finally peace we exhale

Midnight starts alight veiled behind black space and time
Hearts all over the places, hollow yet full, longing to transcend this worlds design
The lost can be found and will be found again and again
This the promise we repeat inside discouraged heads

When this preparation and celebration ends
Let me see Your art in my soul more than when it began
And while nothing feels quite like the well loved and familiar
In new seasons deepest truths hit home ever more brilliant

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