Welcome To Midnight

Another year, filled to the brim with wonder and confusion, messy and lovely, the surprising and the expected.

Another year where dreams grew beyond all imagination, where long buried hopes were realized, where important deep soul level changes occurred.

Another chance to live a better story, to trust the One writing it, to spend your story connecting with the stories around you. Each one is important.

Another year where resolutions fell short, goals fell apart, things came undone at the edges.

Another season of learning that you are human, and each day is a fight, to love well, to be brave and face what life holds, to stay hopeful and hold on to joy.

Another year full of sunrises and sunsets, beauty that took away your breath. Smiles and laughter echoing from children’s faces, from moments around the family dinner table, from late night 1 AM conversations and dance parties with your friends.

Another whirlwind of concerts that you wished you could live in forever, good movies that gave you courage to see the possibilities around you, music that carried you through every shade of emotion, get togethers, impromptu jam sessions, homework coffee shop sessions, silent moments of sitting and listening in comfort, of working through change and heartache and growing up together, of not knowing the answers but staying beside others, walks in the outdoor brilliance, storytelling, books that compelled you to dig deeper into truth, photos that captured each moment as a souvenir because this is your life. Crazy, wild, heart racing, gray, blurry, washed in sadness, marked with countless little victories, full of celebration if you only put all the scenes together.

So into uncharted territory the calendar page turns, and brave we face the new rhythms, overwhelming richness and fullness, challenging growth, and opportunities beyond our wildest dreams, as we learn to be present over being perfect. Welcome to midnight.

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