Wake up to another sunrise
In a picture-perfect whatever-way-you-paint-it world
Got my favorite coffee cup
And I’m heading up
Play the music cue the song
Got my favorite sweatshirt on
So with wonder filled eyes
Going to stretch those dreams out and watch them uncurl

Because here I go
It’s been the longest fight
To pull this soul and its hopes out of the darkest night
Now in the morning light
I’m going to let it in so bright
And let the colors fill my soul

Starting off on the right note
Before the violent rush of perceptions pull me around
Taking these golden moments back
To remind myself that
In both work and responsibilities
What matters is that I show love visibly
You make the world you want you know
With every step stay present to the possibilities that surround

When day breaks
May joy overtake
So in the beauty of living
In all these crazy scenes
The colors of my dreams Will be in all I make

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