Breathing in the Highs and Lows

We call this living. This roller coaster up and down and inside out whirlwind.

Welcome back. To the rush of activity, the richly hard transparency of community, to working hard and chasing long held dreams. To a stress and excitement and overwhelming planner with lines of activities, ministries, events, parties, concerts, study sessions, fitness goals, and assignments.

Winter snow blows outside, and I’m curled up in a donut shop, as the reality of life right now tries to pierce through the cold and fog that surrounds my brain and thoughts. Another semester, another set of opportunities, another season of learning through the hard things, growing, and adventuring. Sometimes it’s all so beautiful and terrifying at once, that it’s complicated to process. The mystery of growing up and actually seeing how some long-treasured-far-fetched dreams come true, and waiting to see how others will.

We will love God and others, live with integrity, and pursue excellence in all we do. A reminder to give each day your best. Placed in high view by one of your favorite hangout spaces. A reminder that even the least lovely and enjoyable responsibilities are entrusted into your hands for a reason.

We are once in a lifetime. Switchfoot song lyrics, so profoundly important you almost miss it, then eyes tear up in this magnificence. The perfect description. We have one life, and each soul around us bears a story. We help push each other to better stories, the kind that last forever, or we can tear down. I want to look those around me in the eyes and love them with everything I’ve got, and keep trying again and again, through the flaws and ungraceful nature we all possess. It is incredible to see others being brave with their adventures and handing over the map to God, patiently and intentionally looking to the next steps.

Wreck and ruin my life of comfort with the Gospel. Perhaps the boldest prayer. Simple at first glance, yet you’re not prepared for how much they will penetrate your soul and shake up your view. So welcome back, and embrace the change. Literally a life changing first week. Suddenly, far off adventures and things you ran from in fear and insecurity hold a potential beyond wildest dreams. It is so very overwhelming and amazing all at once. So it’s time to explore and see what the next adventures are. The timing has aligned too perfectly to try and silence the messages appearing. Jesus is pulling my heart in some crazy and huge directions in the moment, and though I am unsure how it will all turn out, I know it will unmistakably be the best thing that could happen for me, and that the One who made this soul is in the business of turning it into art. He will satisfy and fulfill, and guide me in His glory no matter what happens.


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