Confession: I love watching a good movie and always have. There’s nothing liking being wrapped inside those story lines and characters. So here’s a little appreciation post.

Movies are pure magic. Whether subtle or dramatic they pull out the deepest of themes. They teach us that life changes with each season, and we can too, and that if we’re feeling a little stuck it’s okay, or alone we’ll make it. Sometimes it’s not our day, but the sun will rise again.

They remind us what it is to be human, to possess this fragile precious item called life. They keep us pushing further to be brave and envision big dreams beyond possibilities. To create without limits but know there is a downfall.

They remind us so much is possible behind our four walls and feelings of significance small. The power of the one and the many contrasted beautifully, striking portraits of life in community. The epic crescendo and rise and fall of the score. Crashing depths soaring heights and finding things overlooked before.

Movies are good company, venturing into the brightest and darkest places. They remind us of transparency, the fleeting nature of time, hope, courage, humanity, ourselves, the big world, what’s important at the end.

Swelling scores with perfect emotion. Our hearts rise and descend with the music’s motion. Icees and coke sweet and popcorn combine. Whatever the featured refreshment, it signals it’s time. To turn off the small screens and our scene-replaying brains.
And focus on the wonder in light fun, be swept away in story never to remain the same.

They change us, connect us, and complete many chapters. Associated with memories and takes that we tell after. In the magic and mystery of all that they are, we learn to fall in love with the wonder of life all over again. Through the shadows, the sunshine, the highs and lows, we breathe in and out, on the edge of our seats, watching it unfold. Painting pictures and scenes that are just like the ones in our own stories. A score backdrop coloring each emotion and shade of the human experience.

They bring us back to treasured golden memories, to lines that have haunted us forever. They turn our hearts inside out and give us a whole new perspective. There is a powerful thing wrapped up in each moment captured. They push us to explore our questions, to always come back home, and to grow. They sit with us as we go through major stages and relate directly to the inner voice of characters, as we stumble along hoping for beauty and adventure but scared of what we’ll find.

Movies are for all of us. They connect stories and enhance each moment of life. They meet us both where we are in the moment and where our ever dreaming imaginations hope to take us. So sit back, and let the stories thrill you, a reminder of the importance of being alive in this time.

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