{We Will Be the Hopeful}

This is a bold declaration. Especially in a life where everyday we have to fight back against the feelings of meaninglessness and the brokenness that tries to make us believe it is all that exists. It is hard to continually face the things that threaten to wear us down. It is so easy to slip into the routine and view all as painted in a palette of grays. But joy breaks through the heaviest fogs, like a confetti that lingers around long after you think the party is over. It is an attitude, a perspective of hope, because light always breaks through the shadows, eventually. The best stories are tales of this in some shape or another, weaving in this central theme underlying every aspect of living, adventures, battles, loves, and everything in between.

Today, it takes on the form of words on a new favorite sweatshirt. A reminder to embrace and never lose the childlike wonder. Because it makes life all the better. So wherever you are at today, may these words be an anthem, whispered in the dark and haze of your surroundings. Chose to be hopeful, and see how it changes everything.

We will be the hopeful

Writing covering the walls

Bold declarations soulful

Black ink in messy scrawls

We will bare out the insides

Lay clean our darkest version

To be rewritten in the light

Stories courageous and genuine

And in every moment we chose hope

Our world turns better as perspective grows

This battle today won’t forever endure

And it is all a passing reality and the outcome of hope is sure

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