Film Stories: One Last Time

Movies are captivating, perspective changing, and dream creating. So here are Film Stories, a collection of lyrics  based on moving moments from the big screen.


One Last Time // Inspired by The Hobbit : The Battle of Five Armies + its fantastic trailer tagline.

Songs will be sung
Tales will be told
About bravery begun
In the magic of days old

Wandering roads determined yet uncertain
Far through tunnels, under earth and over mountains
This journey one that relentlessly twists and turns
But the fire is set within our soul and bones to burn
So from deep ties we will never depart
Though danger and evil sting cold and sharp
We always try to uncover the best in another
Fighting until good and home we recover

One last time we will take this journey
One last time with our hearts burning
One last time flags raised clear and high
One last time drums echo off mountain sides
One last time we will raise the battle cry
One last time all in for this adventure live or die

Everything in a frenzy because of glittering gold
It’s painted all and charged us to venture out bold
To claim treasure and try to gain a throne
But forgetting that it’s the people that make it a home
We must learn to value this above all else we come across
And now declare war to regain the soul we’ve lost
Love, hate, dark, light, peace, brokenness, change
Tied together in this effort to make the world a merrier place

For what will we spend our lives and unite together?
What we will give up to gain the real treasure?
Now our story lines and paths are all intersecting
And the once scattered dots of hope are reconnecting
Out of this all a great tale will rise
So will you join me one last time?

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