From A to Z

Always adventure beyond your front door.
Being brave and bold pays off in the end.
Celebrate and choose to capture the essentials and the details.
Dare to open your eyes to the great big world.
Everyone struggles, but not everyone changes, you can.
Fear will try to enter in everywhere it sees a crack, don’t let it.
Gentle words can stir up greater action than harsh ones.
Home is defined by hearts not location.
In-between transitions are where we all live, so learn how to love them for what they are, rather that what you wish they’d be.
Joy is not dependent on the events or circumstances, both of which are out of your hands anyways.
Keep kindness close at hand, and relationships will flourish and be cultivated, the world will be better.
Leave behind the over romanticizing and paint each moment in its true colors.
Make time to have space in the rhythm.
Not saying anything is sometimes the best medicine for both souls.
Ordinary lives are the best kind, because they are filled with extraordinary love and are where the change happens.
Practice the art of loving others well.
Quiet can be great or violent, sometimes you sit and sometimes you grab a hand to feel a spark again.
Running is a dangerous business, beware of what you run to or from.
Stars are universal, and always bring things back to home.
Time is once earned and forever gone.
Unexpected surprises in your day, whether good or bad, changes in the weather forecast, make things better overall.
Vanishing at the first sign of trouble helps no one, especially not yourself.
Working and waiting are both hard tasks, but both promise potential great.
X-rays can’t show you what’s wrong with your heart, they only penetrate the skin and bone.
You can only fully rewrite your own story in the end, though you can impact many others, you can’t change theirs for them.
Zoning out reminds you of the world inside untapped and undiscovered, of the beauty of imagination.

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