Film Stories: Wildflowers

Fun fact: this song is the first song I got inspiration to write after deciding to seriously dive into songwriting. It holds a special place in my heart for both that reason and the fact that it puts my conflicting thoughts on the messages of the movies/books into expressible form.

Wildflowers // Inspired by The Hunger Games. From the perspective of someone inside these events.

It’s like waking up from a dream, the truth is hazy

As the smoke begins to clear away, things seem so crazy

The perfect society is corrupting, self-destructing

Unspeakable crimes, undeserved violence to the extreme

Surrounded every day by these realities in unfolding scenes

Yet so often we choose to hide

From the critical situation and complications outside

Disillusioned, complacent, caught up in our own worries and cares

There’s a bigger picture but only question the rules of the game if you dare


What if our version of freedom isn’t free

Limiting dreams, keeping us from all we’re meant to be

If we just reached past our own perspective

To improve another’s situation and see

Innocent hearts that can never be replaced

Ambition, hope that never dies

Life’s precious light that will never go away

Laughter that eases the ache, fills the skies

So we’ll hold on another day

Pray for the courage to change

Unpredictable in beauty and power

Just like the wildflowers


We’re replacing humanity with addicting medicine

Shiny, bright colored packages containing distraction

The drugs relied on to kill the pain, escape the brain

Only succeed in killing the ability to feel

Disguising what is real

All the dyed on colors and tattoed designs

Can’t cover up the qualities we share inside

Though the threads of society are unraveling fast

And love and morality don’t seem to last


There’s a love in the heart, fighting to be heard

There’s a call to respect the life, that’s been so coldy endured

There’s a spark, igniting the flame

Calling everyone to change


{Ending: Don’t want to be struggling for survival

Trapped in a one-way battle

As we sit here in the dark viewing people’s final hours

Painting pictures filled with vivid colors, the ugly truth, and wildflowers}



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