Twenty One Pilots

If you haven’t heard the meaning behind the band’s name, here’s the super cool story:

This came from that.


This is in honor of those twenty one pilots

Who gave their lives to follow their assignment

May the story they lived not be kept silent

May we fight for them with words non violent

May we choose the good in a gray environment

Behind every decision is a powerful force
Be careful what things you take at the source
Truth is the only thing worth living and dying for
So turn off the other voices, turn the volume up more
Doublesided but we’re learning to be real
Brokenhearted but we’re learning to heal
Messed up people with crazy plans
But this dream this hope is how we stand
So gather round gather up all your friends
This is the day the apathy ends

It’s hard when words get ripped straight out of context
It’s hard when you’re attacked by countless comments
Desensitized from our humanity and identity
Proclaiming in the death of freedom we have liberty
To the outcasts and rejects, the rebels of the cause
Continue to be your emotional self uniquely flawed
Take the world by storm with your revolutionary thoughts
Let them know we won’t go down easy, take a loss
They can try to fit each person to their perfect size
But we’ve come too far for it to fit our visionary eyes
Looking out on the war we’ve started that’s only half won
Here’s to the hearts ignited by the good we’ve begun

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