Film Stories: The Prequel

A favorite book with many chapters, there were too many centers of focus to pick just one. So here’s a glimpse inside emotions from each area. // Inspired by the Hunger Games : Catching Fire.


The Tour

Train is barreling down the tracks
There’s no turning the clock back
Game face painted carefully on
Underneath fed up with the lies strong

The damage is done now we must face
The music on the victory parade
One decadent party an elaborate over the top masquerade
Refusing to dwell on the scars or pain
The horror of the nightmares relived all over
Watching innocence end and terrible acts without closure
Violent heart beats that strain
The world painted in blood red stains
You can’t erase the decisions made

Interior stone cold
Surrounded by walls of steel
Streets lined in gold
Wish I’d feel grounded
Wish I was dying from wanting to feel
Empires shiny glass stretching up into the blue
Rising higher skyscrapers conquer the view
Is it all just one terrible awful dream
Will we wake up and discover everything is not what it seems

Different party every night
Chasing after golden sun
Fireworks celebrate the light
Battles seem already won
Throwing up the right
To let pleasure be all done
Seeking to fill this starving soul
Setting scenes can’t make this whole


The Revolution-Starter

Taking over district by district
Passion igniting the embers
You can’t miss it
Burn it all down
No turning back now
We rise and fall together

A desperate government
Rising tides of war
At heart of this exotic world
An average real girl
No supernatural talent
Parachutes silver can’t fix it anymore

Industry built around packaging the soul
Programs I’m play part of broadcast in every home
Reality is a lovely place
But I don’t even live there
So dazed in a blur by the space
Disconnected from the burdens I bear

Stop and stare up at the sky
Questions about existence
Why the fight and resistance
So much to defy trying not to float away and fly
Do we even believe in the essence of our souls
Or has the system taken over total control


 The Arena

Acid cuts through skin
Rips to shreds paper thin
Left numb to the burning inside
Terrible voices rage, nowhere left to hide

Allegiances shifting and loyalty unknown
Fighting for those you love back home
Every victor just wanting to be known
Every person around angry for hope

Living in the broken down corners
The lonely darkest of dreams
All is deteriorated in rust
Not a single soul left for fragile trust

The reality created around us collapses
Caught up in the confusion and ashes
A spark is all it takes to inspire
It builds and grows even brighter
And we’re striking the match harder
Watch a revolution catching fire

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