Film Stories: Kind, Smart, Important

I still remember the first time watching this and being cut to the core, then diving into the book and being even more deeply affected. The courage presented in it was an amazing picture of life in those times and a reminder of what being human means. So here is the latest edition of film stories, based off of the moving story of The Help. 

Kind, Smart, Important // Inspired by The Help

Small town massive dreams
Your typical opening scene
But more complex than meets the eye
Are the tales that within each person walking these streets hide
Silent struggles and desperate prayers
Heavy loads and weight we bear
Hoping the right person will someday notice
A pain that scars souls deep and cuts skin open
The smallest acts of courage echo far
They create the greatest change
Simple words of a story from the heart
Impacts others in unexpected ways
The beauty of it beyond us goes
And we share the words of joy and hope
Dare to believe that it matters after all
Even when we don’t know and feel small
Bravery from a whisper start
Grows in tenacity in the heart
Transparent and vulnerable
In the face of constant trouble
Determined to let the voices be heard
No longer overshadowed or deterred
Speak the truth and for good fight
Let laughter bring a spark of light
Honesty shines through these dark clouds
Every soul deserves to be seen as human now
Intentionally created as art diverse
You are kind, smart, and important the anthem we rehearse

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