Overcast with a Chance of Rain

Hey you! Yes, Y-O-U. The world needs more of you.

It’s another rain soaked day, where the puddles and drops splash down with force on the concrete. The sky hangs heavy and sets the mood and atmosphere with a calming, strong grey. This kind of weather pulls out my introvert, hide-under-blankets, escape-into-stories side.

This morning involved reading late in bed then a frantic dash to pull together some sense of style and get to chapel. 10 AM shouldn’t be so hard to reach, but lately my brain has been actively creating into the past-midnight quiet hours. But chapel today was a must, a speaker who I grew up listening to in my teenage, plaid boot, and dreams waiting to be uncovered stage. When college seemed a million years away, but already my heart was being pulled to make a change.

So I sat there and gave hugs to friends anxiously awaiting news (which turned out happy-beyond-belief later). And settled into a solid filling up of truth. Of seeing how we confuse the moment and the Story. In the midst of election season and shifting news stories and an uncertain declining morality culture, this rings so true. But despite how things look in the headlines and the little details, the story has a secure outcome. So we fight to hold on to the good, to contribute what is missing, to stop what is evil, to restore what is broken.

And then I watched with open eyes as I see all the majors around me strongly pursuing their gifts and callings. Walking through hallways that were my domain this time a year ago, and remembering the crazy cool things photography class brought. Students gathered in groups working on projects, creating with every action, fulfilling the art placed inside them that’s just waiting to come out. It is the most incredible thing to have a front row view to, and watch the community come to life.

We have so many diverse majors here, people in all different walks of life, changing the world in literally every aspect of life we encounter. From teachers, to professional writers, to digital media majors, to allied health. So whatever your passion and skill set lies in, chase after it, develop it, invest in it. We need more of it in the world, inspiring us all to work for our own dreams, to remember that there is light and hope, that there is a beauty and joy that comes from doing what makes us most feel alive. It gives purpose to the most ordinary of gray days. Trust that no matter how small and insignificant that project you are pouring hours into seems, you are helping tell the Great Story. Keeping being you friends.

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