Film Stories: Complexity

Inspired by the mind-bending movie Inception.//



Wandering between the land of dreams and reality
Caught up in the tide
Forced to choose a side
But truth doesn’t come out as simply
Imagination can’t resolve all inconsistency

We bury and suppress layers of complexity
Shades and variations painted with audacity
A world composed of our creation
Being on top not the ideal destination
Buildings crumble and people shaken fall
Buried under rubble blocked by concrete walls

This is the start of a master plan titled inception
Let the mind games begin
Doubt and terror enter in
Will hope ever make the flight connection
And make it past subconscious defenses

What are we here for anyways
Why do these dreams exist in the first place
What is the purpose of this haze
Why do we ever have to wake
Twisting the familiar in the best ways
So we can live back in the golden days

Don’t end the illusion now keep it coming strong
Don’t start the kick pull me out with the song
Because this feels like where I belong
Lost touch with all I’ve loved the soul is gone

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