Glitter Hair. Wide Eyes.

To the eight year old girl with wonder in her eyes…

Never stop believing in the magic of it
Your dreams may be realized in surprise
And though you might lose it you’ll find
Something even better, that puts sparkle in your eyes
Like confetti and glitter shimmering bright.
Baby girl, the road to hopes is bumpy and all over the place
So learn to love the process and don’t see time as waste
Wait and pursue and close your eyes
Count to three exhale and just do it
You have to grow and truly be brave
Because those crowd screaming perfect sharing ways
With the art inside falling out just right
Is a rare scenario in this fight
Instead it’s much more real and so messy
But it’s worth it to see new photographs developing

The dream of chalk and glamor, sparkles in hair and confetti endings
May be long gone from the picture
Though part of you will always miss intensely
The feel of it beneath your feet
The graceful motions and lines and movements you completed
But that dream was only meant to give you joy for a while
To teach you how to dream big and learn to let go
Because not every passion is meant to fully develop
Into all that you could possibly imagine
But it turns out better because you find what uniquely fits your shape
And your story is free to grow and explore and celebrate

So keep on dreaming. Keep those eyes open wide. Because that fire is channeled in different ways. And one day, you might get a chance to meet the girls you dreamed about. Then you’ll look back and realize every chapter of the story, through heartache and surrender and lost dreams too, has been for the better as you become who you were made to be. Full of art and creativity that explodes on so many other levels.
So it was goodbye to fantasies and wildest hopes. And hello to moments where your heart comes back alive and overflows.

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