Film Stories: Much Worse Games to Play

One of the most intriguing lines of the whole movie. Inspired by the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. II and the fantastic ending scene.//


Dark days coming upon us
Shadows when we wake and dream
It makes no difference to distress
How much we fall apart at the seams

In the end we lost it all to be found
Gave up part of our souls to hear the sound
Of hearts beating full of love
War is over but the damage is done
So we choose to count every kindness viewed every day
After all there are much worse games to play

It’s all just fun and games they say
But this kind never felt that way
This is a victory for which no one wants to pay the price
Leaving in ruined condition our world our souls and lives

The drums beat stronger with each vibration
Lining the path of a chance for a new nation
But these stains cannot be erased
And forever we’ll bear the trace
Gunpowder and coal etched into skin
From this ending how do we learn to begin to hope now
To heal, to feel, to know what’s real

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