The Heartbeat.

For those who feel the weight of this life.//

Inhale slowly.
Count to three. One… Two… Three…
Exhale with control.
That’s how long this life is.
Dust to dust.
Wild, crazy, precious, fragile, resilient, once-in-a-lifetime.
Try wrapping your head around that reality.
It hurts and everything within starts to burst.
The realization that death is final- though not forever- and space and time will not stop their rhythm for anyone, except THE One.
The emotions force themselves down your spine in powerful vibrations of shock, in ocean waves so deep they drown your brain in thought.
Wanting to last, to have an impact consumes you.
And in the end the pretend game of importance will lose you.
The darker shades of the color palette come out stronger in this picture.
Rapidly flowing motion turns you inside out.
Everything builds to a shout and scream level.
Will it matter, will any of it be worth it?
Why go through the timeline if the storyline will fade into nothing?
Dust to dust.
Has anything changed? Have new shapes and hopes been created?
Or has it all been a child with play dough, a best attempt at rendering art, while pieces lie broken and bent beyond hope?

We don’t fully belong here, this world does not fit our shapes. Half in half out like a glassy pool where you dive into another place. But we do have a story, wonderfully intriguing and complex and lovely despite our flaws. And the Artist is turning it into a part of the Greatest Story Ever Told. You don’t have to carry all the weight of this mortality and brevity, instead use it to live with increased joy, be hopeful, and live it like a song, a story, a heartbeat beyond describing.

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