Film Stories: My Wish for You

I remember the night vividly. It was early May, the spring of senior year. My heart was experiencing emotions to an extent I’d never dealt with before. Everything was an absolute whirlwind of hopes and dreams and terror sneaking in the back door. I’d just come off the high of a fancy night with a graduate dinner and classy dress. Then it was a mad dash to change into spiderman themed shirts (because, of course, why wouldn’t we?), and stepping into a relatively quiet theater on premiere night. Sunlight faded frames filled the screen, as the magical quality of the story and the subtle score rose and fell with the theme.

Words fail me to describe how important this piece of film art was to my story at that time. The moment that struck me speechless, caused me to obsessively re-watch it, and save the lines to my lock screen was none other than Gwen Stacy’s commencement speech. To this day, it remains hands down one of my favorite movie moments ever. It impacted me in a time of transition and questioning and long nights. I will carry it with me forever.

So here’s to that magical speech that some screenwriter somewhere decided to put together. Here’s to the moment those words sunk into my soul. Here’s to the unexpected pieces of things that make your brokenness a little more whole.

Inspired by The Amazing Spider-Man 2. //


We have to realize life ends to know it’s worth living
Because it’s fragile in our hands
We don’t comprehend what we’ve been given
So we pull the beauty out of each second we can
Becoming hope, grow, be greater than what you suffer
Keep it alive, keep hope on the rise
So needed, important, it changes others

The ones we carry close
Though we’ve traveled different paths
Who show us the way home
Remind us to be ourselves to the last
Fight for what matters
Though the glass might shatter
The broken design displays
You came so alive and to what you loved, you gave

Beauty and hope fill our lungs on the brightest days
But the ending promises shadows and darkness our way
And these streets feel abandoned emptied out
Hearts lost wandering alone tonight
That’s when you need a glimmer of light
No matter feelings of doubt buried far down

This is my wish for you, to become hope
Because we all carry burdens of responsibility
Every heart is overwhelmed with the possibilities
Significance is found in the power you hold
To make someone else better and more bold
To create sparks that illuminate their stories with hope’s glow

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