Keep Scrolling

{There’s a info preview that plays before every movie at the theater. It talks about putting the small screen away and having the willpower to say no, so that they focus on the big, movie sized screen for playing movies. Honest confession, I struggle with this. Pulling my phone out is a natural reflex, a natural defense to protect my own comfort. One day, after doing this and hiding from the busy pace of life unfolding around me, I got so frustrated. I knew I was missing the tangible community and presence of others. Sometimes I stay on it to shut out the option of silence, to distract my mind. There is a time and place for that. But it should often be fewer occasions than it is. This was written as a challenge and reminder to myself that life opens up more when you put down the phone.}

World is falling apart and house is burning down around you, people are screaming.
Keep scrolling.
Laughter and first steps and little smiles stare up at you.
Keep scrolling.
Days are long, eye contact is exhausting, stories are being told around the table.
Keep scrolling.
Rushing in to class, settling down, automatically pulling it out,
keep scrolling.
Scenes of wonder and the little moments that make life great unfolding all around you.
Keep scrolling.
Things are tough, comfort and connection are limited, you want to escape.
Keep scrolling
Nothing is holding your attention, you hope for importance on the little screen.
Keep scrolling.
Real photos and stories and hearts are being shared, yet you miss it.
Keep scrolling.

How many hours and minutes have we missed because we chose to believe our way was better?
How can we justify this when we say that people are the most important, yet we close off the ones in front of us?
It’s no surprise that people feel more depressed, isolated, relationships are less connected, kids don’t communicate to parents, we feel insecure, dreams aren’t being realized.
It’s one of the greatest tragedies of this generation. Who are we becoming?

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