Cityscapes + Coffeehouses

Thoughts on local adventures + why exploring the cities around you is the best.//

Cities + Dreams go hand-in-hand.

Exploring your own backyard h o m e t o w n is good for the SOUL.

5 girls. 5 unique stories. 12+ cups of coffee. 5 coffee shops. Multiple detours. Who                                knows how many one way streets (why are those a thing?). 1 city.

Today we are 96% espresso shots + 4% starry-eyed dreams & inquisitiveness. Adventuring with the souls by my side today, some of my lovely hall mates, was a delight. We set out to conquer a local coffee shop experience, determined to try a wide variety of flavors and types. After all, you only rise up with the sun to kick off Easter break if there is a strong motivator- aka endless coffee shops all day and exploring new places together.

The day’s story, as told through snapshots and creative writing breaks at coffeehouses:fox

Danish + affogato (shot of espresso on ice cream- really interesting) + natural lighting perfection.


Park wanderings + pretty details.


You know you have good friends when they were willing to circle the block five+ times to get here. The Roosevelt Coffeehouse. I’d heard about it from my friend, who’d seen something that Twenty One Pilots put out supporting this place. That and the fact that their motto is: good coffee for good (they support fantastic causes), put this high on my list of coffee places to visit on this trip. It did not disappoint. My heart and head were very full. Also, the natural lighting was on point. So of course, I took some time to be creative.

{Milky gray sky, with a powdered sugar cloudiness. Shots of espresso leading to crackling bright eyes. Laughter, tingling excitement, uncertain yet curious. Tangled directions, one ways, beauty in chaos. Hearts so unique and full of character. The stories they tell diverse yet colliding. Geometric shapes + natural lighting + wonder. A combination that fills up the happy space in your mind. Conversations and snapshots flying across the table. Sass and seriousness. Vinyl tunes setting the mood, inviting in nature. Surrendering to the present, wide eyed, coming alive. Let your soul dance in the simple joys and complex themes. Vague emotions awash in the dreamy deep, stormy purples and pale pink shades of day to light like the paintings on the walls- dark to light. In the end, these crazy unknowns will turn out good. And we will get the chance to create in ways we never knew we could. Careful thoughtful planning meets fragile, shallow knowing. But for now, one small corner at a time making the world a bit more beautiful and brighter. Resembling the One who tells truth and hope into brokenness and hurt, and promises all things new. One day, someday. A chance to sit in community, each connection makes it better. Because travelers and locals alike, we need other people, we are better together. Wandering through these roads, this tilt-a-whirl earth. Finding temporary homes in these locations, gems when all else is dark + confusing. We may not know how these next years will go, semesters on overload. Terrifyingly making things real. Too caught up in the current to know what we feel. But highway hours, train travels, boarding passes, and tickets. The arrivals, departures, lessons, changes, the experiences make living worth it. This restlessness and fire to make the world better in our bones, we grow up into it, to own it. Hope collides, Good Friday joy, the taste of coffee, the sharing of stories and smiles. Celebrating grace and walking in victory everyday, no matter what.}


Some coloring book relaxation to end the trip. {Time slows down. Each atmosphere has its own flavor. Bejeweled and dazzling in rich decor. And for friends the rest of the world stops. Even if just for five minutes more.}

Some final thoughts from the trip: {Hometowns. There is a special kind of magic about them. They scream of childhood playgrounds, thirteen year old firsts, twenty year old career aspirations. They remind you of the person you once where and the direction you are going. Just when you think you know them inside and out, a new bend in the road reveals fresh scenes, sounds, things to savor. Landscapes + opportunities + deep-seeded hopes grow there, and we learn to look for contentment and joy, believing that they will be found. We start by blooming where we are planted, because the world will be better by us taking root.}

It was such a fun adventure and the best of days. Here’s to friendships, coffee, and celebrating life together.


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