Film Stories: Bravery

This quote has carried me through some tough transitions. The stories of the Divergent movies were thought-provoking (though I honestly liked the books better). Epic scores, with Ellie Goulding’s vocals, deep themes, and interesting concepts combined to make a fun film.

// Inspired by Divergent: Bravery


Train tracks don’t slow the course for my feet
Racing to fall into step with the beat
Break through the fears buried beneath
Complex layers of personality
Sometimes you have to just feel alive
Embrace the wind on your skin outside
Hands bleeding but heart relieved
Now running towards the light to break free

Being brave isn’t about soldiering on
But choosing to live every single day
Always working towards a brand new dawn
To make the world better in every way
Courage isn’t just risking it all
But being willing to take a fall
So that others can stand and rise
So love can win and surprise

Don’t want to be just one thing
But brilliant as the sun in a million little ways
Dauntless wild and free
Vibrant life hiding the damage faced
On the edge dangling precariously placed
Brave feels so small
Heart defined by battle lines drawn
Conflicted the war continues to complicate

Beauty in the transparency
Danger in wearing heart on your sleeve
Take caution jumping off of moving trains
Moving beyond the playground to war games
Beauty in the resistance
Fighting for truth insistent
So we pick up our battle bruised hands and walk into the dawn


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