Film Stories: Will You Remember Me?

The last piece of this series for now, and by far one of the most favorite I’ve written. Everyone hates coming to an ending, and for me, I feel the ending of stories and favorite characters and worlds I got lost in deeply. So naturally, I felt all the emotions. So here is a tribute to each character and the stories they carried, the ending of the Hunger Games trilogy, and one of the most simple yet beautiful parts of the book.

“I got the idea from our family’s plant book. The place where we recorded those things you cannot trust to memory. The page begins with the person’s picture. A photo if we can find it. If not, a sketch or painting by Peeta. Then, in my most careful handwriting, come all the details it would be a crime to forget. Lady licking Prim’s cheek. My father’s laugh. Peeta’s father with the cookies. The color of Finnick’s eyes. What Cinna could do with a length of silk. Boggs reprogramming the Holo. Rue poised on her toes, arms slightly extended, like a bird about to take flight. On and on. We seal the pages with salt water and promises to live to make their deaths count…”


Will You Remember Me?// Inspired by the ending of Mockingjay Part II.

{Intro: From where we’ve started we’ve come a long way
Lost the bigger picture in this daze
Shadows consume I let them in again
No innocence left to pretend
This was the bitter end of that age
All those I love gone and changed
Don’t even recognize the lines on my face}

Will you remember me?
Will you all shout my name
One day in victory
I once reigned

Will you remember, will you remember, will you remember me?
As I was when we were young, alive, yet so far from free
I let you in again but then we just come to the end
What is it worth anymore?
Thought I wanted a change, a war
But the cost of a new world has come
Now I’m left with little hope the damage done

Favorite color a soft sunset glow
With warmth like the fresh dough
Compassion in artful remembrance
Painting the details until the fight makes a difference

You had an unrest settled in your bones
Until it reached your chest and you started to explode
Now out for the victory no slowing down
Take the anger and watch the lights go out
Scars that run so deep
Fueled your fierce bravery

Gold flickers sparking on the flame
Quiet and loyal advancing the game
A flair for the details and the artistry
A steady source of calm strong bravery

You played the silent protector
A guardian ever watchful
Now we’re all debtors
To how you led in calm control

Grown up under this terror reign
Innocence stripped by the weight
Shouldering so much, fragile and strong
Handling the complex with care and gentleness
A bird that broke out in song
Always loving through the stress

Eyes awash in shades blue and green
Surprisingly deep like the sea
Sparkling through rough waters
All the storms of adversity
Hope here is such fragile thing
But you gave it to set us free
Secrets you kept to protect
Strong for others until there’s nothing left
Fun loving playing the dance
Carrying the world it never stood a chance

Sworn my soul to protect and defend
Every single person until my last breath
Ready to lead right into the fray
Waited forever, desperate for a new day
Want all I love to be safe in the end
Watched everything I fought for destroyed
Stolen is home and all that gave hopeful joy
Now fire’s turned my world inside out with little left

{Conclusion: Or will we let the comfort and peace erase
From war scarred minds every trace
And be destined to repeat history
Will you remember me?}

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