The Trees

//I know where you stand. Silent in the trees.
And that’s where I am. Silent in the trees.
I can feel your breath. I can feel my death. I want to know you. I want to see. I want to say. H E L L O.//

The last time this intro played, it was the finale of an epic hometown glory concert, welcoming everyone home, with confetti falling, lights illuminating the black, drums beating with the rhythm of the heart, jumping high with every sound wave, voices at highest possible volume. A sold out show with a ticket to one of the best nights of my life.

Today, it was smiles and a chapel of unconventional seats and overwhelmed hearts turning in surprise and wide smiles and excitement that just continued to build. It was the sound no one expected and the one some of us most needed to hear. To step beyond what is typical and wake us up for what was to come. Everyone joined with a full band sound, countless voices in chorus, a kind of desperate joy comes to mind when singing it out, and together we set a whole new tone for the day.

Some songs run in your veins. Signaling both arrival and departure. It has been both the beginning of a school year and day, and the end of a concert night and season of college.
This one has streamed through headphones carrying me through long runs. Reminding me that it’s not accomplished alone and life is journey filled with others surrounding you.

The writer of this song says it always gives a second wind to concerts they play. I think that holds true for those listening. It is energizing and makes the room electric, making it alive.

It’s just a Tuesday in late April, that time when semesters are rushing to the end, projects have you up all hours and in a daze, where the realization of being halfway through college hits, where next steps and futures dominate your brain waves. But then arrives this song, and suddenly, it’s like the pieces fade away. With clear vision you remember that other night, the hope and dreams and community. And you wonder at all of that surrounding you at present, and have to smile with amazement at how you got here to this place.

And in the midst of all that this community starts one of the final chapels by singing Twenty One Pilots and then the energy and praise for the God who is good in everything never let up. This is the coolest and how did I get to be a part of this? Grateful.

So here’s to songs that sometimes mean so much more. We’ll continue jumping around and moving with everything in us to the beat. We’ll carry these tunes and moments that are glimpses of the forever beauty around wherever we go. And now every time I see the trees, it will never be the same.

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