aesthetics + ambedo

 Ambedonoun | a kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details-raindrops skittering down a window, tall trees leaning in the wind, clouds of cream swirling in your coffee.

From Latin, it’s a play on the word “albedo,” which is a measure of light reflectivity. “Ambedo” is the opposite, a measure of how much you absorb the world. Found in the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows – which I love – here

And lately, that’s what I’ve been wanting to do. To uncover more of the beauty in the details surrounding us in astonishing depth. To capture memories and souvenirs. To celebrate both recent victories and past history + take joy in the present + dare to visualize what might come next.

On the brink of a new chapter, with these things in mind, we set out. To move towards something unfamiliar and experience all that we could. To soak in the conversations, the flavors, the locations, the dreams, the wonder + beauty underlining it all.

The challenge, to visit four coffee shops and then receive a tshirt, was perfect. Something we both loved, something unique, and something fun. It is fascinating to see the different perspectives + enviroments of each place. The details seemed to especially be screaming at my brain to take note, to capture the essence of them, to appreciate them. So here, through words and photographs are some things I captured with eyes open wide.





Andrew Belle’s haunting sea of silver sound. Blackbear over the airwaves and straight to the head. A soothing exploration of the essential questions. Of what life is and could be. On that edge of defining the new territory. This is what it can look like -chasing dreams, perfect coffee, friends and stories – and I am dying of sheer bliss. Can we carry these passions bright and build a fire of dreams endless? Driven to create, adventure, to have intention in design. In the candid shots we watch this hope quietly, steadily thrive. The map crossing plane ticket dreams, the everyday habits to a better art we need. We have to let these soak in and grow. Otherwise our eyes will lose that wonder of firework-light-glow. I want to live intensely in the present. To find the joy in every moment. Take the art, work hard to uncover its potential. Make magic for those who need that extra dose. Support the stories and make them feel at home.

The sun finally manages to push through the miles high cloud cover. And hints of blue mix with the usual variation of gray. Atmospheric music pulls your soul further. Climbing above the normal grind. Conversation spilling out with espresso energy. Invigorating + inviting the summer haze carefree. And these are the hours we’ll treasure forever. Because they were spent with intention, love, and joy together. Sometimes you need a kickstart of the lovely. Places that help fill yet widen the beauty void holes. To remind you to keep chasing it. To let the light wash over your soul and the pale white pages. To go to the spaces you love where this exists. Where we plan to dream and dare to take risks. There is only one life to be fully alive here. So why not let the design within overcome fear. Snapshots of clarity and colors blur. Friends, let’s be wide-eyed adventurers.


Need Other PeopleIn the end, this quote captures the essence of the day. Coffee shops, new and old songs, roadtrips, and all the other details make life great. But most of all, you need other people to remind you that there are better things. To soak in the beauty surrounding you at every turn. So find those people and treasure the details in life. It will carry you far.


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