Film Stories: Post Civil War

Lights come up slow. The images fade. The swelling music comes to a close. The icee cup sits empty. But your excitement levels are satisfied. This has been a good story. On one huge screen, you got to visualize each twist and turn, see the characters you’ve come to feel as if you know change. You get to relive your superhero dreams for a day.
It’s that post movie daze. That reverie where all the thoughts are wrapped around the film, swept away by the raw power of cinematic moments, trying to capture details to rediscover later. But for those privileged enough to let themselves get lost in it, the possibilities are endless.

I’m always up for watching a Marvel movie, and love the stories and characters. My excitement level was high for Captain America : Civil War. Recently, I had the chance to see it two times in three days (multiple people to go with). Because of that, I found myself paying close attention to the details, and learned a few things:
We all have symbols and ideals we fight for and stand behind.
What you stand for shows who you are.
What does it mean to be a better character? To make the choices that can be for the greater good? To follow through on your responsibilities and still be who you are? To have convictions and protect them, all the while trying hardest to believe in people?
These are all questions wrestled with by characters in the film, and it guides their actions. Those can be turned around and asked about in my own life.
We all have friends who we’ll be with as best as we can until the end of the line.
Your support system matters.
What about the surprises you never saw coming, the people who showed up for the fight? What about those who see the darkness and the mess and choose to support you anyways? What about the lines being drawn and them choosing remain by your side? How far will you go for them, how much will they endure for you? When you’re drained, on edge, and fragile, will you choose to believe them or the lies?
Those people you choose to stand with through it all impact your life in many ways. Choose carefully, love and protect them fiercely. You never know when you will need them or they will most need you to be there. This is a constant theme of the movie, and one in life as well.
We are all characters in development.
We should be growing, changing, and learning to hold on to what is most important to us and how to do that.
What if there is no right in this full scale war?  The decisions made that carry great weight, even in the moments of darkness all alone? What is worth fighting for? How deep can fractures run before breaking? How far do ties of the heart, do relationships travel? What will your response be when it starts to unravel? Better yet, WHO will you be when this all settles and all you have left is a trail of moves made and a new reality?
Who you are becoming is the most important thing. Who are you underneath it all, through the life-altering events, in every situation. What you value and how you show it. At the end of the day, the war, of each moment, this is what remains.
Overall, I highly recommend Captain America Civil War. It was both thought provoking, epic, and entertaining. The storyline was fascinating and kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters were also highly surprising, dynamic, and fun to watch.
Sidenote: Black Widow is one of my favorites and her storyline was by far one of the most interesting to watch unfold throughout this movie.


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