Seafoam {Capture the Details}

Capturing. Creating. Celebrating. That’s what I am all about. Taking intense notice of the vivid details around me. Somedays, it takes a lot of effort to gaze past the mess and focus on the good, other days, it just hits me all of a sudden and leaves me wondering. This was one of those times.

Standing in the Target aisle in the late afternoon May haze, it hit me. I was in the middle of shopping and preparing for what will be one of the busiest summer adventures I have experienced. Hours of planning + shopping + trying to make decisions (a deadly combination) had rendered my brain seemingly useless. Trying to keep the flow moving so the to-do list didn’t take ALL day, I found myself too overwhelmed to process the rushed decisions.

Of all the random items or situations it could have been that day, choosing a laundry basket color was the way that I gained perspective. It was the smallest of details. Attempting to make it last through the mess of camp dirt from busy feet and also match my room seemed impossible. After all, the options were black and white. And, a seafoam mint green tucked away on another aisle. The second I saw it, I stopped to admire it, but ruled it out for being too pretty and not matching enough to work.

So I lugged around the black one, not exactly thrilled, but hey- at least it would work well. However, I happened to pass by it again, and this time I didn’t hesitate. So maybe it wasn’t the right shade for my room, it was much more lovely. And I couldn’t help but notice that I almost danced and walked around with a smile on my face after picking it up.

That’s when it struck me – that sometimes the tiniest of details can make the biggest of impacts. I want to learn to treasure the beauty around me, to look for the lovely, to pursue what makes my soul come more alive. Life is far too fragile and wonderful not to. And for me that day, that meant doing something as trivial and magical as choosing a shade of seafoam.

It’s within those moments that the real me is contained, wrapped up within. Designed to crave this beauty and make much of it. To catch the glimpses of it and pursue it. To make those everyday perfectly imperfect situations count.

So what is the detail you might be too wrapped up in the colors blurring, run-as-fast-as-you-can-just-to-catch-up, do everything that fills your head with dreams, type of world to see? I hope you catch it. And when you do, I hope you hold onto it and value it. Choose it, even when it seems unclear why. It’s that simple.

The mint green basket
In a world of the monochromatic
Sometimes you need a little bit of bright
To choose the impractical but happy light
Shades that are more dramatic

Keeping your soul alive through those random methods
The ones that don’t seem big but pay off in the end
Take note of these decisions good
Pursue them at every turn
Allow yourself to light up again
Because your crazy spinning world needs more lovely
Shots of joy like espresso and the delight fireworks bring
And your insanely busy mind needs to center on the detail things

Reminding your soul to take notice and capture
Every part of this rushing adventure
So that you carry the light into the heaviness
And forever know that it’s all about the perspective

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