Glimpses in the Starlight

June 24. 2016:

“This is a forever kind of a day, in those once-in-a-lifetime type of weeks.”

Conversation after conversation, I pick up on the huge glimpses revealed, ones of lives that will never be the same. Whole stories are surrendered to find themselves as part of the far greater Grand Story that exists. Everything within is always waiting, on the edge of this feeling, souls wanting to dive into it with all that we have, to find out the immeasurably more (Ephesians 3:20) we have in Christ and the where we belong being united with Him for all of time.


For my camp counselor heart, returning to the atmosphere and experience of worship camp – a time that I will always treasure – was the best. It was like coming back home, feeling alive with every beat of music, with every second of evening chapels, with every resounding echo as hands are raised to Heaven. This was a dream of mine, and though I felt so broken, not enough, and overwhelmed in the rush of the week, my eyes grow wide in wonder and brim with tears when I look at how God still chose to use me and allow me to play some small part in what His grace was doing that week. This is an attempt to express what happened that night, though words will always fail me to fully describe and capture it.

Pitch black sky opens wide to swallow the night, as thousands of miniature beams of light pierce it in a brilliant display.

Across the canvas of these stories tonight, the world has changed.

Their perspective staring up into the atmosphere has shifted and tilted, along with life as they knew it.

The Creator of the galaxies above has entered into hearts and worked right through them.

Indescribable, the feeling filters through the trees.

And everything drops, held gently in place.

Overwhelmed your heart stops and in wonder ignites till in circles you turn.

And all you see is beauty.

Because this is forever wrapped up in one night.

Tall lines and wide eyes.

Seats on benches give way to pacing steps of amazement.

The feeling within leaving you restless and red rimmed, hoping this never ends.

Sliding to your back on grass, staring up trying to grasp and comprehend.

Shivers dance from cold and the words told over crackling microphone.

Shaking limbs meet solid ground, but your heart won’t remain, it starts floating.

Tears threatening to brim over the edge, like the shots of espresso that pushed you through the hours.

Until the brightness in your eyes is stronger than the fire.

Until hearts are turned for the better and as community the camp celebrates.

Until the light takes hold and shines through each and every crack.

Heavy under the magnitude of this campfire testimony.

With joy we laugh, cry, and cheer in freedom as family.

This is a forever kind of night, and through those glimpses in the starlight, everything has changed.

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