Reflections on Living, Hope, and Twenty One Pilots Lyrics

Now the night is coming to an end. The sun will rise and we will try again.
Stay alive, stay alive for me. 
Twenty One Pilots.

Hey there friends. Happy weekend (or whatever time you are reading this). Today is another Saturday, another morning waking up to light in the skies, another day with a rushing rhythm, another twenty four hours full of the weight of living.
I can’t guess what kind of world you opened your eyes to, the victories and struggles you’ll encounter, the wishes and expectations that you’ll reach for, write about, constantly carry with you.
But one thing I do know is this. You woke up to a world full of wonder and possibility, you have a story you are living right now, your heart – however chaotic and messy it seems – is still beating, and your soul is still being turned into a work of art.
Today, in this moment, there is hope. Because you are not an island, distanced from everything. There are others around you- perhaps feeling a little disconnected on their own islands too. Perception does not define reality. There is more than what your imagination and eyes construct, life is layered and complex.
Your words have more weight than you realize. Things you say and speak can leave a lasting tattoo on a heart. The impact of your light extends farther than you know about. It can illuminate the road and help cut through others fog and darkness. And it’s okay to be human, to feel a little lost, that is part of living.
Sometimes flaws stand out, past histories repeat in your brain, you fight to stay above the sea surrounding you, it takes everything you have to pull a worn down body out of bed.
But then there are the little moments. Light rays dance over pages, a favorite mug filled to the brim, the passing smile of a stranger, a kindness done by someone around you, the sound of a child’s laughter, the lyrics of a song that perfectly capture the moment, that movie scene that causes you to break into celebration.
In my own chapters, I have had small glimpses, moments, and seasons of waiting games where I lost sight of hope, of perspective along this road. Within the adventures, within the blood ink pages of my coffee ring marked, tear stained, bold dream colored story. I have also experienced firsthand the beauty of opening my eyes to the community around me, of the everyday treasures, of little reminders to keep moving forward always.
And so I share the stories, the grace that has brought my soul this far, the hope that is the anthem of my soul – in the art I create, in choosing to be more fully alive everyday.
I hope you know that whatever you are facing today, none of us are in this life and in our stories alone. Ever. Period. So choose to keep going, choose to find the little moments, to reach out to the community around you, to share the stories and fight for hope.
Keep living. Keep searching. Stay alive.

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