To The Camp Staff That Turned Into Family

A longing to be back comes and goes in huge waves. It’s been over a month since I drove down the bumpy lane that leads to camp. And just like those flashback scenes in movies, memories play out in my mind and make me fall in love all over again with the adventure of this summer.

There are no words to describe how incredible of an opportunity it is to give your story over to the One writing it and watch Him work in it and the ones around you. The joy of getting to know campers and watch Jesus reveal more of Himself to their hearts was priceless. On top of that, the community of staff, my camp family, was a treasure I can’t fully explain.

I’ll forever remember night two of staff training and high adventure in the dark and being so nervous. I also remember countless people supporting, encouraging, cheering us on. Just a glimpse of what was to come this summer as we learned to be U N I T E D.

So friends, this one is for you.


Thank you, for pouring into me. For reminding me that I was loved by God and by the community around me. Knowing you all had my back carried me through many days. The little things you did made my day so often.

For still loving me in my roughest moments, when my flaws were on full display, when I melted down for the twentieth time that day, when I got terrified over little things, when I asked a million questions, when my slow-processing self was running behind in everything.

For the late night prayers, the hugs, and notes filling up the encouragment line.

For showing me more of Jesus and pushing me to be more like Him, by displaying Him in your interactions and the way you lived out in your life in every area of service.

For speaking truth into my life, reminding me of what was most important and keeping me accountable for having my priorities straight and pursuing Him.

For refusing to settle into complacency in your own life in this matter as the days marched on and the schedule got busier.

For loving those around you relentlessly, taking every chance to be intentional. Even when it took all we had to keep our eyes open and you missed those precious few moments of sleep, silence, or space.

For turning any situation into the best it could be, by resolving problems and bringing an unparalled joy, reminding us all to hold on to perspective. You seriously made the uncomfortable, awkward, and scary situations manageable and fun.

For asking how I was doing, and being loving enough to dig deeper when I tried to pretend I was okay. And going along with that, so grateful for you reminding me that it’s okay to not have all the answers and to not be okay.

For showing me and those around you grace. Living with each other for weeks on end and spending hours side by side, it’s easy to see the mistakes, to lose patience. Yet you all continued to strive to love, to come alongside and help out, to not react out of frustration.

For doing life together by celebrating the victories and sweet moments, and choosing to grow and stand alongside others when life was hard.

For not being afraid to dive into the hard questions, wrestle with matters, and search together for the answers.

For being crazy for the sake of showing Jesus. From skit nights in onsesies and headdresses, to yelling our lungs about weird animals, to dancing in powdered paint clouds, to being covered in all varieties of food items and toppings.

For serving in a thousand ways daily, in the less visible behind the scenes, because every single job and act of service impacted lives in so many different ways.

For worshipping with everything inside you, singing until the dining hall was filled with sound.

For dreaming in huge ways about the future and being open to the adventures God is taking your stories on.

For living out the reality of the Gospel, showing why it’s worth it to surrender your story to Jesus, letting God work through you in the highs and the lows.

For making this summer one that I will never forget and the echoes of which will carry on into eternity.

Hanta yo | Ephesians 3:20-21 | Hannah-Grace

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