We’ll Tell The Stories.

Someday we’ll flashback
Glance over our shoulder like we’re looking at
The scenes that unfolded in now-sentimental glory
The ways we laughed, cried, got frustrated, hoped boldly

These nights running down the main streets
Of this tiny downtown concrete under our feet
Not exactly sure where this path leads
But we’ll explore it, though not fearlessly

Ripped jeans and converse and dreams
All the changes in the live that we lead
Wandering with hearts on our sleeves
Wild hearts filled with stars and little dreams

Cars packed beyond capacity
Trying and failing to act casually
The nature of us to fight against what we most need
But we have those around us who compel us to reach
Lost directions and overstretched hearts
Everyone just wanting to know who they are
Nothing figured out if we even get that far

What does the evening hold no one call tell you
The coffee shops, city escapes, and study sessions
Consuming shots of espresso
As quick as the next Netflix episode
Trying to sort out terms and twisting up our phrases
All is jumbled and everywhere like the state of our floors
The condition of organization in our room indicators of
The levels of our sanity in this season rough

Bonfires in the open country wide
Sweet baby giggles and happy eyes
Friend visits from long distances away
A chance to celebrate the joy of everyday

The wind rushes over and bends and breaks
Our hearts are given more than we think they can take
Hiding in rooms trying to push through distractions
But learning takes place in every place with every face when life is the classroom

Sorting through the complicated questions
Like what to do with degrees and what is eternity
On the weight of living and what it means to live how you were created to be
Mixed with trips to relieve the stress and run away down highway lanes
Just for a small escape and break as we map our travels we’ll one day make

Perpetually confused by the unfolding circumstances
Afraid that life will lose control when we take chances
Stars, reminders of grand plans and small selves, fill cupped hands
Afraid to release the hopes and them abandon
Broken down and constantly wrecked
To remind us that grace is what keeps us steady one day to the next

Don’t know what we’re doing here
Staring at ceilings and facing fears
Maybe the white space will erase
Past histories and mistakes we trace

Drained from the flood of putting it all together
Of keeping the four walls of these paper souls intact
Long enough to make it through the 9 AM and struggles with friends
When the land of dreams is drifting back
And we wonder what are we living for
When in this season nothing is quite as sure
Every move a possibility of conflicting realities
Too relieved by making it through the day to sleep

But these are the days we’ll long to come back to
To revisit and savor every experience and color
And we’ll tell the stories of how we came alive
And lived in those moments we’ll remember until we die

Sitting here after another weekend full of memories, random adventures, crazy intersections of so many different friends and stories, and conversations that make it worthwhile, I can’t help but think : we’ll tell these stories. Those party moments when everyone reminisces on the good days, back when they were kids, when they were in college, we are living and making these memories right now.

So friends, how will you choose to spend it?

Will you make it worth telling about?

Will you live for the moments and recognize how great they are?

Because right now these may just feel like the everyday normal, but one day you’ll realize that these are the seasons of life are what you’ll look back on and treasure.

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