The Grind {Coffeeshop Saturdays}

It’s a rain soaked, everything getting drizzled on kind of a Wednesday. The routines are setting in hard and fast, and everyone around me, both in college and not, are in that overwhelming stage. You know the one, where sleep becomes more optional, where the workloads and expectations rise, where summer is behind us and the holidays way too far ahead. I’ve not been the best about finding creative space or time to write, but then I found these words I’d written, and wow, they are so accurate for right now. So here’s to the grind of the everyday and those going through it.

College life. It is one of the best experiences and also one of the hardest I have encountered. On one of the last Saturdays of the semester,  I found myself holed up in the coffee shop with a long list of things to do. Yet I got dazed from responsibility and instead found myself in a haze of thought. I wrote this as an inside picture into what the stressed-out brain of a college student contemplates, at least from my perspective. Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots may have been the soundtrack for this. 😉

The books have piled up
The words are lost in my brain
Everything overwhelms
Nothing settles enough
Round and round carousel game

Here we are nothing wrong
Yet our souls are restless
Restless for the beyond that exists
We strangely feel that is where we belong
Causing us to hold a hope reckless
Tired, poured out, everything spent
Every reasonable thought given
But we still have 100 words left to go
Though hearts wander to other continents
Anywhere but here, no longer driven
Responsibilities weigh heavy
Post it notes and lists surround
And all I want is to disappear
Because the rhythm’s been unsteady
And I question if I’ve lost more than I’ve found
What is the outcome
Of this forcing in to pour out
Of this urge to be always more
But not knowing what that means
Or how it affects the deepest dreams
The unspoken ones that play out on the screen
Of my movie capturing soul
But here we’ve been put to love and learn and grow
Maybe there’s more to these ideas and presentations than we know
So while the grind is slowly wearing me down and overwhelming
Changing the world happens everyday and that enough is compelling
To dig deep and give it the best I have because this season won’t last
And these years are where we discover more traces of our design and the beauty that lasts
So here’s to the grind and what it holds
May I never let this everyday routine grow so old
That I miss out on living, the importance of each moment, and being alive
And always slowly progress towards thriving in this time

How will you choose to let the grind impact you?
For worse, just not caring and waiting for/living for that Netflix episode, that weekend break?
Or for the better, letting each day change who you are and what you are working towards?
My challenge to you friends, is to embrace this season. Realize that longing for something more is normal, that daydreaming has beauty to it. But don’t let the grind take away perspective or the so important right now work of doing life right where you are.

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