Post Concert Daze : The Day I Met Switchfoot

Post concert depression. It’s real. One week out and it’s still here. The lights, the sounds, the songs fade. But the ways they cut through the atmosphere and penetrated your heart will always remain.
And you’re exhilarated to be alive.
This one’s for the concert goers. The souls who come alive and get swept away in the melodies of sound. Who scream out lyrics as loud as humanly possible, who move to the rhythm like there’s no tomorrow, who hold the weight of each lyric and note, letting the anthem resound from the soul and work it’s way through your veins. And it turns into the spark of fire, this sparkling gold in your eyes.

Right now, I alternate between laughter and sheer joy like fireworks intense and the slight ache and sentimental longing in every sense of it being gone. Yet this one of a kind night belonged to you and life has been made all the better because of this. And now you get to give it back in bigger and better ways to the One who created it.
And so the brain is flooded, scared to wake up with it all gone, still in shock that is was so real, vivid, tangible, in the most intense living color you could imagine.
Being a part of life on this planet is a crazy thing.
I’m running off a significant lack of sleep. Yet my soul is going strong. Because these songs are bright, rich, full in my lungs. Spilling out through the cracks in my armor, my facades, my gracelessness.
And we all need that. Those moments to let the words sink heavy while the sound travels higher. See it transcends this fragile moment that fades and dulls in sparkle the second we leave it behind. It transcends these haunting thoughts, these messed up histories, the scarred outcomes. And it touches the eternal and the true, that chord we spend all our lives trying to glimpse, to brush across. And we stumble on it in the unexpected profound. where the wars in your soul feel the sacred hush, soft as the velvet stage curtains and just as dramatic. And so we let go, float beyond, get lost in the ocean of sound, smooth like honey to dying throats and shaking voices. Then we leave ready to create endlessly, for more of these magic experiences, more of pouring hope into the stories.

Light streams in. The world rises and falls to regular rhythms once again. But my heart refuses to let it go back. Because something was powerfully changed, some wounds of a heavy heart were filled with hope. Community was created and a joy that won’t quickly die away. Never have I been more alive. These songs are in my soul. The lyrics tattooed on my skin, deep in my heartbeat.

Current mood: dazed, ready to cry, lightweight, easy to burst into smiles
Fireworks strike every time I remember the moment. It’s a story I’ll hold on to tightly for years to come, one that was brief yet touched the deepest parts of my artist heart. Entering in to a room filled with lights to the sound of artists at work, musicians at play. The strains of meant to live. Beyond excited glances.
Currently, I’m sitting at a college downtown coffee shop. An hour ago, just a few blocks away, I told Jon Foreman, my favorite songwriter, how much of an impact the creativity, perspective, and hope in their writing has had on me. Then he gave me a huge hug and thanked me for that, saying it meant a lot that I said that. Afterwards, I proceeded to turn and run straight into Drew Shirley (keeping it real here). Walking out into the blinding sun, I tried to hold it together as everything felt so surreal.
The magic of this moment was worth every second of stress over the details. To experience this with a kindred spirit, who first bonded over this band and profound sound in a teeny dorm room two years ago? Beyond special.
The human experience, wow is it strange and incredible. An hour ago meeting my all time favorite band who has been the soundtrack of my soul, then now in a coffee shop, watching the world pass by as always everyday. Reminders that set the pictures and filters in perspective. We are small, but the glittering gold is grand.
Life is short, and I so want to live it well. So may I tell this story and share this heart in a way filled with hope, genuine love, and joy in the journey. I want to revel in the details, the struggles, the tension and resolutions. I want to dance through this symphony capturing and putting out all the beauty I can. Creating art and showing what it means to be alive.
This is too much for my heart to hold. This is indeed a good, good life friends. I am a very happy human and oh so grateful.
Hope is the anthem of my soul,

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  1. Emily michel says:

    Um, everything… Same! Same! Same! Switchfoot’s live shows, especially Jon Foreman after shows are, just, there’s really nothing close. So amazing! I’ve seen them twice in just the past week alone. The second time free by connections from relient k, and has probably been one of the best weeks of my life. I also meet the band almost 2 years ago and the only thing I could utter to Jon was that I liked his hair cut. I was so nervous! So thanks for saying what I should have and thanks for this beautiful writing about my favorite band. It was a pleasure to read!


    1. Haha yes, the live shows are SO GOOD. And this tour is epic, their new album is great to hear live. Oh man, I still have yet to see an aftershow, but hopefully someday. Yeah, I had to talk really slow and think about it to say what I was trying to say, so I can totally relate to you not being able to say anything, I’m really surprised I actually did. I’m pretty sure I lost all ability to speak after he said what he did and hugged me. They are so genuine and I loved that about meeting them. They really treated every single person as if they were so important, which was super cool. Thanks so much for the kind comments, I love that people appreciate this band so much too! I’m sure they’ll work their way into my writing again sometime. 🙂


  2. dude your description of this feeling is so accurate. I just saw them last month and o my goodness my SOUL


    1. thanks, I saw what you wrote about it too, I love the way you described it! And yes, oh my gosh it was so fantastic.

      Liked by 1 person

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