For the Twenty Somethings

A golden birthday. Lines of song about life turning this story gold. Vast layers of thoughts, emotions, classic uncovering of the design within, all combining to form a weight of living. Some days it’s too much for one story to take in.

Welcome to my ramblings on the whole twenty somethings phase and growing up.

It’s a cultural fascination and millennial obsession. Because honestly, we’d rather hide behind the questions, over analyze what’s within, and curate volumes of visuals, sounds, list upon neatly bulleted list, bold tattoos tracing skin, articles beyond number running down the screen, than let ourselves be human. Than step beyond your own world built in detail, step away from your study of self.

Than to start. To dig deep, use your resources, love, show grace and kindness with every exhale of your lungs. To let accumulated years of knowledge, experience, compassion, and unique gifting push you forward.

I am in this too. Incessantly making resolutions, every day a new crisis and mini new years. Moving under the shadow of that mysterious ideal of being in your twenties. Engaging with college community in discussions over planners and responsbilities, as we struggle to balance all that we are becoming. Switching life plans, career hopes, and future goals that I am working towards so rapidly it’s no wonder I don’t progress, that my overwhelmed head + heart keep telling me enough. Spending my days and stories so consumed in the act of becoming, that I forget there is a present with a lot to offer.

The potential is rich. And I’m tired of missing out.

So here’s 21 things a twenty something’s discovering //

  1. You are still learning, discovering your passions, getting fired up about so many things you encounter, ready to change the world in a heartbeat.
  2. These are the years that you can shoot for the moon and fail, try out many directions, and it is okay to do so.
  3. You should take the adventures as they come because they might not come again. You’ll be glad you set aside your own agenda for them.
  4. You can over romanticize. It’s easy to daydream and view the glowing filtered moments of others and want those to fill our lives. Expectation isn’t reality. There’s messiness from everything going all directions. That doesn’t mean it isn’t just as beautiful.
  5. You can’t change the whole world. “I forget that my circle of influence will inevitably be smaller than my circle of concern.” ~ Emily Freeman.
  6. You can’t do it all. You can’t have the perfect closet, aesthetic, workout routine, and world changing actions. Only some pieces of these will be worth the effort to you.
  7. You will watch dreams unravel, even after it all is in place. You will see things fall together in a way that exceeds your wildest dreams. || The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. (Proverbs 16.9)
  8. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge the threads of things you’ve long loved coming together, the sparks of huge hopes, even if you don’t know what they mean right now.
  9. All the lists of goals, the planners filled with carefully detailed ideas, the journals soaked with tears and ink flowing out of the questions, they ultimately do not change things and aren’t everything.
  10. It is okay to be human. To collapse and watch Netflix and let those scenes fill you up. To not go to the gym consistently. To make mistakes with words said and to ask forgiveness. Somedays you will be too overrun by it all to put up a fight for the good things. It’s okay. Give yourself and your fellow humans grace. Lots of it.
  11. You can stay up half the night and live off of espresso. However, it might not inspire the great creativity and productivity you think it will.
  12. It takes a wild kind of courage to make + create and you will try to run and escape.
  13. Some days life is more like a sitcom gone wrong than movie score worthy scenes.
  14. You will feel restless. Wanting to live out dreams, tired of not being there. Yet struggling to get out of bed and change daily rhythms.
  15. The world will start to feel heavier, as you become more aware of the brokenness in it.
  16. You can’t navigate this (or any other season) alone. People need other people. Relationships are important. Community is so vital.
  17. Listen to the advice of others. Even if it’s not what you want to hear. Be patient and seek to learn from others, you usually appreciate it later.
  18. You won’t feel as settled or rooted as you thought. The same old habits, problems, challenges rise. Directions, hopes, relationships shift.
  19. Though everything else changes, Jesus is the same.
  20. In the grand scheme of it all, you are one small story playing a part in a story that stretches beyond yourself in reach and purpose.
  21. You are loved + enough. That alone gives perspective in the vague greys.

Life as a twenty something may be imperfect and less post-worthy than you hoped, but there is something special about the process of transforming in this season. So I’m learning to embrace it. To live the life in front of me while exploring the design within and how I’m supposed to share that with the world.

Keep letting life turn you to gold,


Here’s the song that inspired this : 

Katelyn Tarver ~ What Do We Know Now

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