Here’s To the Ones Who Dream

Summer Sunday nights |
We’d sink into our seats |
Right as they dimmed out all the lights |
A Technicolor world made out of music and machine |
It called me to be on that screen |
And live inside each scene |

And live inside each scene was exactly what I spent the evening doing. The lights dimmed and the screen burst into vibrant colors with the opening strains. Sitting there on the edge of the theater seat, wide eyes viewed a world unfolding, with its own palette of colors, soundscape of songs, and stories so real they were haunting in beauty. I was swept away into the world of La La Land.



Haunting. Human. Magical. Realistic. Bittersweet yet so powerful.

Cinematically, thematically, visually, sonically it was stunning.

A blend of classic, days gone by kind of scenery and style, with today’s restless dreaming and romanticism.

Music box twinkling and big band sweeping movements. Little girl fairytales from library worlds and childhood dreams brought to life by those supporting her. Twirling through starry skies. Wonder, hope, optimism – even in the face of fear, of piles and lists, of rejections and the normal, of not making it fully there – brimming in huge eyes.

As the events unfolded, many details popped out of the background and imprinted themselves into my mind.

Here’s to the ones who dream | Crazy as they may seem | Here’s to the hearts that break | Here’s to the mess they make

To the creatives, the dreamers, the ones who hope against all odds, this one’s for you.

Chase dreams.

Even if they take years. Some seasons don’t come as quickly as you hope. Believe in the magic of them. Imagine in huge ways, don’t limit the possibilities. Go after the things that scare you, that thrill you, that you can never shut up about, that keep you awake at midnight.

Live out your art.

Be bold enough to tell the stories you have inside, they are part of your design for a reason. They weigh heavy on your mind for a reason, bring them to life. Let your originality, that one-of-a-kind perspective you have shine. Be genuine.

People love what other people are passionate about.

So share more of what you’re passionate about. Encourage and love other’s art. Invest in other’s dreams. Invest in your own. Beautiful things happen when we push each other to go further, to grow, to remind ourselves that there is purpose in the haze, that our stories have value. At the same time, don’t worship everything and value nothing. Push yourself and others to better art.

There is struggle and a tension that we live in.

Between being corner coffee shop baristas and making it onto the screen living out stories for the world. Between how you’d envisioned life falling into place in lovely ways and the messy, gritty reality. Recognize that you might not have it all together to reach all you want, and that’s okay. It may take more work, failure, and heart than you’d hoped. It’s okay. Take some space, but realize that some things are worth fighting for. It just may not be precisely when these dreams should take center stage yet.

Life comes in seasons.

Just as each chapter played out in these seasons, so our own stories do. With each new stage that comes, different moments introduce themselves, while other parts fade out. That does not mean they are any less full, it just brings a different meaning to the days. Recognize the people who played a huge part in each chapter, the faces and places that surrounded you and impacted you along the way. And enjoy what comes next.

Dreams – and all of life in general – possess a bittersweet undertone.

Realize that not everything will come along with you, when you reach that long awaited dream. There is still hollowness and brokenness here, even when you are living in color all you’d been working towards. Long after the scribbled pages of ideas and final versions of the project fade, be grateful. For all that you had in the hard time of madly creating and hoping against hope, when the process was draining and you seemed to be standing still on the busiest of streets.

Let yourself get lost in the story. Stop attempting to sort out all the directions and just enjoy it as it happens. Explore every inch of your surroundings. Find the beauty everywhere. Moments, however magical, pass quickly. So dive in deep to the fight, the heartbreaks, the sunshine soaked days, the chances to dream and be alive.

No matter what, keep creating.

Shortly after wandering around in a daze from this dreamland story, I watched a moving speech from Emma Stone | View it here >> La La Land Golden Globes

This is a film for dreamers. I think that hope and creativity are two of the most important things in the world. To any creative person who has had a door slammed in their face… or anybody, anywhere really…that feels like giving up, someone who finds it in themselves to get up and keep moving forward, I share this with you.

Every part of this resonated with my artistic self.

To keep being hopeful, no matter what. To fight for what you love. To not run from the struggle but somehow make art through it. To continue to create, because that is what makes you uniquely yourself and the most alive.

So here’s to the ones who dream. Keep creating, making, chasing after the art.


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