Hello Hurricane

Help me see beyond this picture. Widen my perspective and view to realize there is something beyond this story unfolding. May I trust it even when I cannot see it and all feels like invisible pressure and silent terror stealing my heart’s blood + beat.

Switchfoot’s Vice Verses Deluxe Album fell into my Spotify shuffle playlist on the drive home that Sunday night. It was a moment of clarity, breath of fresh air, and all out singing session in one. The rest of the night was a listening party to the concert-like format of live versions of the Hello Hurricane album. Transporting you to the magic that concerts bring and the way they expand the world, make it feel more alive. Red Eyes live faded into strains of Needle and Haystack life. And the lyrics hit with poignant meaning, sculpting new definition, with a calmness and amazement.


Every now and then I see you dreaming
Every now and then I see you cry
Every now and then I see you reaching
Reaching for the other side
What are you waiting for?
With red eyes
In this needle and haystack life
I found miracles there in your eyes
It’s no accident we’re here tonight
We are once in a lifetime

A twinkling, sparkling reminder. Insistent, with a silvery, magical, silent strength. That there is hope. Just like the night sky coated in stars above stretches over the canvas of your story and reminds you that the small has significance, that no moment is wasted, that the time on this tilt-a-whirl globe may be rushing and breaking, yet it is filled with so much.

And the story goes beyond. The hope of permanence is woven into the fabric of time and space and into the DNA of your soul’s design. Your heartbeat rises and falls to its rhythm.

So I revisit the old familiar spaces, everything screaming of memories, stuffed to the brim, spilling over with the nostalgia. Every surface fingertips brush, everything eyes glance, in the glimpses of films and pictures, in the tiniest of smiles, in the softest of textures, in the deepest shade of color, every word the pen slowly traces, every strain of a melody brings you back. Yet even this is a gift, though right now it seems to only serve to aid heartache.

Be incredibly grateful. With this storm, wild eyes, wind fiercely fighting your right to stability and gravity, lightning shocking field of vision off balance, thunder deafening all other hopes. You will not feel like it. You will hate having to fight for every inch of hope, for every second of oxygen, for every last thought that threatens to overwhelm. There is a fracture, running underneath the other threads, threatening the stability of all the structures that support your world and keep it turning still.

During the storm, it may look like this. Driveway wanderings, pacing back and forth. Walking the curb line and falling into old gymnastics movement rhythms. Headphones in, trying to outpace the feelings, trying to breathe deep and calm the hurricane forming within. Texts, frenzied actions, non stop talking, unending stress, hours of uncertainty, emotions higher than the roof overwhelming the space inside the heart and room. Prayers whispered in the dark, staring up at stars like camp days reminding myself of smallness, stillness. Of the morning stars singing for joy. Of a plan before the foundation of this world. The song Hello Hurricane blaring repeatedly. 1 AM sing alongs.

You have had the once in a lifetime to chance to soak it all in, to experience every last sensation, road trip, late night green couch wisdom session, trips to do school in the coffee shop, to let every drop of ink run dry and run out of tissues to find more and a hug, along with words that will remind you to pick yourself up, give grace, dream again. And the love, of these memories, shared in these moments, carrying into the rest of life for the others placed in your path, that remains.

Not a doubt in my mind anymore. There’s a storm up ahead.

Everything I have I count as loss. Everything I have is stripped away. Before I started building, I counted up these costs. There’s nothing left for you to take away.

I’m on fire, fighting for control. I’m a fighter, fighting for my soul. Everything inside of me surrenders. You can’t silence my love.

Hello hurricane, you’re not enough. Hello hurricane, you can’t silence my love. I’ve got doors and windows boarded up. All your dead end fury’s not enough. You can’t silence my love.

Dare to sing this into the storms, the hurricanes of life, friends. Because there’s nothing left that it can take away, because it can’t hold back your love.

Hello hurricane,

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  1. this was so beautiful


    1. thank you so much. i really love the song that inspired this + getting to process it all through writing this. hope it encouraged you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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