Welcome friends.

My name is hannah-grace. I’m an adventuring soul at home in concert venues, movie theaters, coffee shops, between the pages of a book, and behind notebook covers.

A storyteller who literally cannot stop writing and capturing it all with words and wonder.

A writer who attempted an autobiography at the age of ten, full of hope and optimism for the way stories capture life, the moments that have passed yet remain close.

A dreamer who is hopelessly romantic and is full of huge plans.

A twenty something learning how to love and pursue Jesus more fully, to be more rooted in Him everyday.

An artist who believes that doing what makes you come alive is art and creativity is important.

A friend who believes that each of our stories matter, that your unique design and pages of life are so very purposeful.

A coffee dependent, wide eyed, heart-on-sleeve, wild mess still sorting out this thing called living most days.

A girl, doubly named after it, yet always trying to discover the full meaning and beauty of grace.

A soul all about making the world you want every day that you’re alive.

A music lover, with concerts in her DNA and lyrics flowing through her vein and brains, sometimes spilling into her own songs.





Above all, I’m determined to find the beauty, the art, the lovely, the light in every corner, in every perspective, story, and soul.

It’s my hope that the words you find here share some perspective and some hope as you go through your own story, that you are challenged to adventure further. Because stories are so important and your story matters.

So welcome, bring your hopes, your stories, a cup of tea, and stay for a while.

Keep being hopeful,